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Grips, fixtures and accessories for universal testing machines
Spannzeuge und Prüfvorrichtungen für Materialprüfmaschinen
Group Item Description Coupling Force Material Temperature Cart
G17 THS626-158-317-St Adapter male Ø 15.8mm with pin hole Ø 8mm adapter male Ø 31.7mm with pin ho"..." -- 20 Steel, nickel-plated -70...+280°C
G06 THS668-80 Vise grip Clamping force: 300 kN with attraction force 1500 Nm using pneumat"..." Af40 300 Steel, nickel-plated 0...+70°C
G03 THS712-10-ASTM-D732 Shear punch fixture to test shear strength of plastics by punch tool accordin"..." -- 20 Steel, nickel-plated 0...+70°C
G03 THS712-20-ASTM-D732 Shear punch fixture to test shear strength of plastics by punch tool accordin"..." -- 100 Steel, nickel-plated 0...+70°C
G16 THS773-20-1 Ottawa Cell for pasta extrusion Pasta testing press for determining the visco"..." -- -- -- --
G03 THS799-70-10B3X3 Kramer shear fixture to test firmness of foods Made of alu, stainless steel, a"..." -- -- V2a --
G17 THS814-M3-M6-V2a Adapter with external thread M3 – external thread M6, Incl. 2x locking nuts -- -- V2a -70...+280°C
G06 THS90 Vise grip, symmetric type of construction Clamping force: 150 kN ( 500 Nm ) -- 50 Steel hardened, nickel-plated 0...+180°C
G13 THS911-500+VGDE Hydraulic grip keeping force with 350 bar 2x3 rods 80mm diameter Spring retu"..." -- 500 Steel hardened, nickel-plated 0...+70°C
G16 THS919-100 Fixture for pressure sensitive tape Conform to EN14410, ASTM-D3759 dia 100mm "..." Af159 -- Steel, nickel-plated --
-- TK-61-B50-22 bush for chamber Teflon inner diameter 22mm outer diameter 50mm max 260°C -- -- -- --
G21 TK-61-xx special sized insert bush Teflon with glasfiber reduction for bush with 50mm ou"..." -- -- -- --
-- Z3-103 parts to increase free distance to 122mm load declines by 30% -- 3 Aluminum, anodized 0...+70°C